Saturday, December 24, 2011

Its Christmas Time in London

I have made it back to America after a blissful 3 months of studying abroad in London and traveling all through Europe. The feeling of leaving a beautiful city I have come to love and thoroughly enjoy to return home is bitter sweet. I will miss living in the Mad House and working with Bryan Morel PR but it was a worth while experience I will never forget. I have been super busy since I have come home and haven't been able to blog about my last few moments in London so here it goes...

Its Christmas time in London and the weather is starting cool and the Christmas lights on Oxford street are coming alive. I had to work that day but my office is on Reagent street so I could hear the Christmas Joy outside. At 5:55 we all rushed out to see Kelly Clarkson Perform and watch them push the button. My friend Alyse came down to meet me after work and we walked down the streets singing Christmas songs with the crowd and headed to the Pub to enjoy the festivities.

For that moment I felt like a Londoner and I loved it. I loved the excitement of the holiday season which made the 3pm darkness feel a little brighter under the festive lights. My last days in London are near and I know I will miss it here.

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  1. Absolutely love your blog. The colors are my favorites. Your photos and posts remind me of my time spent in school in England, years ago. I truly encourage all students to travel. Right now I have a list of 10 sites to help college students explore alternative spring break opportunities.

    Keep inspiring!

    Marcia Robinson @TheHBCUCareerCenter


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